About the Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue

Tri State Weimaraner Rescue (TSWR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization formed in 2006 in New Jersey for the charitable purposes of rescuing purebred Weimaraners* (grey, blue and longhair). TSWR also strives to educate the public about responsible dog ownership including spay/neuter, training and humane care of pets.

We accept dogs from shelters and those unwanted by their owners. Dogs relinquished by their owners will stay in the owner's home until a suitable permanent home is secured. If need be, the dog will be placed in a temporary foster home where it will receive any medical attention needed as well as spay/neuter, vaccinations and heartworm/lyme testing. Dogs in our care are only euthanized as a last resort due to severe aggression and/or debilitating health issues.

We do not have a facility.  We are a network of volunteers and foster homes.  Every single person involved in this rescue uses their own personal time to help fulfil a need that is important to us.  We have families and jobs that are important to us too.  So if you you are interested in contacting us, either email us or call us (908-751-3140), but please be prepared to wait up to a few days for a response.  Please note that when contacting us by phone, you will only be able to leave a voicemail message.  If there is an emergency please email us as well as phone us to be sure we receive the message promptly.


*At this time, we do not take Weimaraner mixes.


Placement Coordinator/Intake


KellyAnn has always had rescued dogs.  She and her husband, Chris currently have 2 rescued Weims, June and Haze. After losing a beloved dobie/lab mix, she and her husband found themselves strolling up the row at a shelter looking to save yet another life, when Blue (their first Weimaraner) found them. He was an older owner surrender--6.5 yrs old! Despite not knowing much about the breed, they adopted him and haven ʼt looked back since. A year or so later, they wanted to add another Weim to the family. After contacting local rescues, along came 3 yr old June. Creating a stir wherever they went, Blue and June opened up a whole new world for KellyAnn and the world of Weimaraners! In 2013, she added a Weim puppy to her rescue-family! She is an active member in 2 local Weim clubs and the Weimaraner Club of America. She serves as a rescue liaison for the Long Island Weim Club, helps coordinate the annual rescue parade for the Garden State club, and is the Photo Contest/Calendar Coordinator for the WCA.  For many years, KellyAnn has been involved with TriState Weimaraner Rescue, an all-breed rescue in her county and other areas of canine welfare.

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Vice President
Intakes/Volunteer and Foster Coordinator


Patty has always had large breed dogs in her life. Growing up her father favored German Shepherds and they always had one or two that lived with them.  When she moved out on her own she rescued a Doberman/Shepherd mix at 4 months old and had her until she passed away at 13. She also had a Lab that was very special to her. Patty’s love of Weims began when she adopted Sage from a friend who had purchased her from a breeder at 8 weeks old but ended up being extremely allergic to her.  Sage was an amazing dog and the breed is so special she knew she had to get another one. She adopted Hollie from TSWR and that is how she got involved with us. She has since added Haven to her family. She loves working at events and spending time with the people and dogs that attend them.  Knowing she is part of a group that assists these wonderful dogs in finding forever homes gives her great pleasure and she looks forward to many years of service ahead.


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Application Interviewer/Operation Spay Gray Coordinator


Kristy's family has been rescuing dogs since before she was born.  As a child she lived with rescue dogs of multiple breeds such as Springer, Brittney and Cocker Spaniels and German Shorthair Pointers, which were all adopted from local shelters.  Her family was introduced to the Vizsla breed when Kristy was in high school, and she immediately fell in love with them.  She began raising her first Vizsla on her own while she was in college, and currently has a 2 1/2 year old named Kailey who came from Indiana.  Kristy was introduced to the Weimaraner breed by her good friend and (then) board member Jamielynn, and it wasn't long before the similarities of the two breeds were apparent to her.  Her love of this type of breed made it an easy decision for her to become a part of our rescue.

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NJ & DE Intake Coordinator


debbie's bio coming soon.

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Application Interviewer,  Intake Coordinator-in-Training


Bree first volunteered with TSWR to attend events with her pup, Olivia  about 5 yrs ago and has never stopped offering her assistance in any way possible for the gray ones! She fostered a number of Weims before "failing" and adopting her Rex!  She loves working at events and spending time with other people interested in the same passion she is--Weimaraners!  She has been an intergral part of many Meet & Greets and excelled at her interviews, so it was a "no-brainer" to bring her on board in January 2013!

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Volunteer Emeritus, Founding Member
Sunshine Coordinator

Julie has had lots of pets throughout her life including many dogs of all sizes.  As a child she had a quarter horse named Pedro and a white miniature poodle named Pierre.  As an adult she has been involved in the animal welfare industry for the last 12+ years; for two years she volunteered on weekends at a municipal animal shelter until she decided to focus on the weimaraner breed over 10 years ago during which time she has placed over one hundred Weimaraners in good homes.  She is a former member of the Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club.  Julie is certified in Pet First Aid & CPR.  She currently has a senior female weimaraner named Blue that she acquired as a puppy.

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Nina Biehler - Application Interviews/Greater Pittsburgh Weim Club Liaison

Linda Hartheimer - Weimaraner Club of America Breed Health & Education Liaison

Jesse Moray - Application Interviews

Cristin Murray - Webmaster