It is very important to know your limitations and many times the rescue volunteers reach their limit with the amount of work we have, many times we have no foster homes available or a lack of funds and can either not take your dog or can not place it in the time frame that you would like.   You must remember, this is your dog and you must do what is best for him if you are not able to continue to keep your commitment to him.  Below you will find lots of information on how you can find a great home on your own for your dog.  It is important that you take your time and not simply give him to the first family that presents itself.  And whatever you do, do not place a "Free to Good Home Ad".   Please read this information to learn more on how to safely place your own dog.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safely Placing Your Own Dog

Reasons NOT To Give Up Your Dog

Animal Cruelty Convictions - this website contains a database of everyone in the country who has ever been charged with animal cruelty.  You are able to search your community to see if any of your friends or neighbors have ever been charged.  This is a very useful tool when considering adopters for your dog.  If their name is on the list, don't be afraid to tell the person that you are aware of their past abuse of animals and that you refuse to give your dog to them.