Adoption Fees

Standard Adoption Fees
A scaled adoption fee, based on the dog's age, is used to help defray expenses for vet bills, supplies, training and ocassionally boarding.

2 to 18 months old = $400.00*

19 months to 6 years old = $300.00 minimum donation

7 years old and above = $200.00 minimum donation

Please note: we greatly appreciate any additional contribution you can make.

We accept personal checks, cash or paypal.

Your adoption fee is refundable if the dog is returned to the rescue within 30 days from the date of rescue minus a $30.00 return fee.  After 30 days although we would still want the dog returned to us, no refund will be given.   This policy is subject to change without prior notice.  

Allocation of Funds
Adoption fees allow the rescue to continue to save lives. When a dog comes into our rescue, funds must be spent on spay/neuter, vaccinations, (Rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella), heartworm/lyme testing and fecal screening.  We also take on the financial burdern of treating illnesses and injuries - providing treatment original owners either didn't choose to seek or could not afford. Operational expenses are also funded through donations and fundraisers.

*if a puppy is too young to be spayed or neutered, a $150 refundable deposit from the adopter is required until the operation is performed.  Upon proof of the surgery, your deposit will be returned to you. 

Senior Citizen Benefits

Any senior citizen (65+) adopting a senior dog (over the age of 8 years) is entitled to yearly bloodwork.   When you take your adopted weimaraner to the vet for their yearly senior panel, submit the bill to us and we will reimburse you for the cost of the bloodwork.  You will be eligible for a senior panel once a year for the life of the dog.  Visit our Senior Center for more information.


2010 Expenses (this does not include administrative costs)

$29,907.20 Vet Bills

$  1,142.64 Operation Spay Gray

$     500.00 Behavior Assessments


2010 Adoption Fees Collected