Yogi's Big Adventure

7/13/11 - Yogi is approximately 8 years old.  He was found wandering around a camp site.  He would come visit the patrons of the site for companionship and food.  Michelle Banas and her family spent time with him while they were camping there and were concerned for him and contacted us.   We sprang into action and asked Michelle to bring him to the closest vet.  That afternoon he was at the vet and in good care.  Turns out he had hookworms, round worms, whipworms, lyme disease, an eye infection and ear infections.  We had him treated for these things and also microchipped (so he would never get lost again).  We think he had been out on his own for quite some time.  He is generally healthy and has a great demeanor.

We want to send a big thank you out to Jeff Ethriedge a volunteer who happens to be a pilot.  We found a foster home for Yogi but they live in North Jersey and Yogi was currently all the way on the other side of Pennsylvania.  The next day he was off in style.  Below are pictures of Yogi taking the ride of his life.  He touched down in New Jersey at 8:00 p.m. last night, got to his foster home, ate like crazy, got a bath and was soon fast asleep.

Its the beginning of a new life for Yogi.  He is off to the vet today to see what we can do about these odd growths on his chest, hopefully we can just have them removed.

Yogi is available for adoption!  Please submit an application if you are interested in adopting Yogi.  Other than being a gentle soul, housebroken and good on the leash we don't know much about him right now.  He had no problems with the other dogs and cats at the vet's office but we would like some time to assess him and find out a little more about him.  We will be reviewing applications for him in about two weeks.  YOGI FOUND A GREAT HOME WITH HIS FOSTER FAMILY.