Operation Spay Gray

Up to $200 reimbursed, available to owners of purebred Weimaraners in New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania. For information on the importance of spay/neuter, click here.

About the Program: 
TSWR believes in the importance of spaying and neutering not only to save the lives of weimaraners but to insure their good health. As a result of our fundraising efforts in connection with the Hair of the Dog 5K Race, we began to offer spay/neuter reimbursements to the public.  It is our intention to reduce the amount of weimaraners that are unwanted, being turned into shelters, and/or euthanized throughout our community and to keep healthy those weimaraners that are wanted and loved. This program is geared toward individuals who do not have the financial means to have their weimaraners spayed or neutered.  However, no financial information needs to be supplied to us for approval of your application for reimbursement. Since we no longer receive funding from the Hair of the Dog 5K Race, this program is subject to fund availablity and will be capped at $1500 for the year 2013.



Printable Rules and Restrictions  |  Printable Application

Rules and Restrictions:
In order to participate you must qualify.  Please read the rules below:

  1. Your dog must be a purebred weimaraner over the age of 6 months.
  2. To participate you must live in NJ, DE or PA.  You must provide proof of residence such as a copy of drivers’ license or utility bill.
  3. The weimaraner must belong to the participant. 
  4. You must first register and be pre-approved prior to reimbursement. 
  5. Participants will be reimbursed in the following amounts:
    Up to $150.00 for any purebred male Weimaraner
    Up to $200.00 for any purebred female Weimaraner

    You will only be reimbursed for the price of the surgery and associated routine costs which would include, anesthesia, pain relief medication, and antibiotics if needed, additional expenses for including but not limited to, hernia surgery, prolapsed uterus, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, blood work, etc. will not be reimbursable.

  6. You must provide a itemized receipt indicating that a spay/neuter took place, the date of the surgery, your name and address, the dog’s name, breed and age.  You must also email us with a current photo of your dog (we reserve the right to use these for promotional purposes as well).

  7. You may choose whatever veterinarian you want.  If you choose a vet that charges more than the allotted amount of the reimbursement you do so at your own expense.
  8. Up to two weimaraners per family can apply depending on availability of funds.
  9. The funds which were put aside for this program were obtained through donations.   We reserve the right to discontinue the program at any time and resume same at any time we feel appropriate.  A situation wherein the discontinuation of the program might happen might be wherein an emergency arises where a dog is in need of medical attention and the rescue board feels that we need to discontinue the program in order to use the funds to assist in that dog’s medical care.
  10. If we feel a need to discontinue the program, any participant who has registered and been approved and already had their dog’s surgery completed will be reimbursed.  Others who have registered but have not had the surgery may be notified that we no longer have the funds to reimburse them but that they will be considered first when and if we decide to resume the program.
  11. Once you submit your registration you will receive an email within 14 days indicating whether or not you are approved for the program.  If you qualify, you will have 60 days from the date of approval to have the surgery completed, except under extenuating circumstances where it is not possible to perform the surgery before the 60 days.
  12. This program is not retroactive.  Your weim must be spayed or neutered after the date your registration is approved. 
  13. The rescue is in no way liable for any medical issues or complications due to the spay/neuter surgery and takes no responsibility whatsoever for same.