The Jade Senior Scholarship Program was started in January, 2011 by the Negron Family.   Jade was brought into a our rescue in January 2008 at 9 years old.  She was being fostered by the Negron family until they decided to adopt her.

Jade's story was recently featured in the latest issue of Wet Nose News.

Jade & Family

Jade & Crew

On December 30, 2010 Jade passed away at the age of 13:

Princess Jade

The Negron family wanted to do something to help other senior weims who come into our program.

Please help to make Jade's Fund a success by donating.  All your donations will go directly to help senior weims with much needed vet care, rehabilitation tools and therapy, special bedding, supplements, etc.  We want to make them as comfortable as possible while awaiting their forever homes.  We will give them whatever medical help they need while with us.  This includes various bloodwork, tests, procedures, xrays, etc. 

We will feature a particular senior dog that is in need at the time or save the money for when we do get in seniors that are in need.   Please note, our rescue views any dog 8 years and older to be a senior dog.

If you are interested in adopting a senior dog, please visit our senior center or our available dog list.

Please visit our Donation Page to find out how to donate.  We accept Paypal or checks/money orders.

The first recipient of a Jade Scholarship is 12 year old Nena.  She was turned into a shelter by her family because she was having accidents in the house.  After getting her to the vet she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and pneumonia.  She will also need her teeth cleaned and several possibly pulled.  Right now she is relaxing in her foster home and getting better.  She will be available for adoption once we know she is all better.   

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, Nena bloated while in foster care and needed to be euthanized.  It was a very sad day for our rescue.

Nena in her foster home 

(2) Scholarship Recipient - Quinn

Quinn is an 11 year old that was found stray and brought into a shelter in south jersey.  She came in with many, many fatty tumors on her body, anemic, malnourished, underweight, horrible teeth, and a mast cell tumor on her foot.  She is as sweet as can be and just takes it all in without ever complaining.  This month (June, 2011) Quinn will have her teeth cleaned, and the tumor on her foot removed.  They had to take one of her toes with it and she is in a splint now.

She has been in foster care for several months now and  has been receiving some TLC, is certainly well nourished now and  has put on weight.  We expect her to make a quick recovery after surgery.   We have had her heartworm/lyme tested, fully vaccinated, a complete senior panel done and xrays.  We even had her to a cardiologist to make sure her heart was healthy enough to undergo the surgery.   Other than being lumpy, after we have her surgery done she will be in good health and will hopefully make someone a great companion.  Quinn's medical expenses to date are over $2,000.   6/2/11.  Quinn has been adopted 7/30/11.


(3) Scholarship Recipient - Simone


Simone is a 13 year old female who was turned into a shelter in Lancaster County.  Her family was moving and no longer had room for her.  We just picked her up today.  We are assessing her needs and will get her whatever medical care is warranted. 6/2/11.  Simone has been to the vet for a complete blood panel, urinalysis, and heartworm/lyme testing.  She does have an incontinence issue which she was put on medication for and is fine as long as she goes out every 4-5 hours (like any dog).  Her test results came back OKAY and she is nice and healthy.  Next we will have her teeth professionally cleaned and she will then be good to go.  Simone is still active but calm most of the time.  Walks nicely on the leash.  Good with people of all ages and other dogs.  Not cats!   She is available for adoption.  6/17/11.  (UPDATE - Simone has been adopted!!)


 Simone 13 yo

 (4) Scholarship Recipient - Yogi

Yogi is 8 years old and was found as a stray.  When he came into rescue he needed to be treated for roundworms, hookworms, whip worms, lyme disease, ear infections and eye infections.  He needed to have bloodwork done, urinalysis, neutered, microchipped and we also had some unsightly growths removed from his chest (a biopsy showed they were not cancerous).  To date his expenses have totalled over $2,000.00.