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These are two different things. 

Fostering is something you do temporarily because you want to help a give a dog a home while we search for a permanent family or help get it back to health and back on its feet until we find another home for it.   The rescue may feel that a dog is suitable for you on a temporary basis but not on a permanent basis, so the dog you foster may not be available to you to adopt.  You must fill out an adoption application if you wish to be considered for adoption and wait for the appropriate dog with the rest of the applicants.  Foster homes pay the same adoption fee as other adopters.

Adopting is a permanent placement.  The rescue makes determinations based on lots of different factors on which of our homes is best suited for a particular dog.  If you are interested in adopting a dog for life then you would need to fill out an application and wait until an opportunity to adopt one of our weims presents itself.  Depending on your experience, time, lifestyle, etc. this time period may be longer or shorter.

Now, if you are already fostering a dog and we have no other prospects for that dog and agree that your home would be a good fit for that particular dog then we will certainly consider you for adoption. 

Fostering should never be looked at as an opportunity to have first dibs at a dog to adopt.  This is an opportunity to help a dog that has no home or who will soon have no home.

If you are interested in fostering, you must fill out the "volunteer agreement" which you will find on our website.

If you are interested in adopting, then please fill out the "adoption agreement" which is also available on our website.


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