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We typically say the foster period is 4-6 weeks.  The whole idea behind foster homes is so we can place the dog in a home environment and the foster home can get to know the real personality of the dog and report back to us with information that will help us in making sure we match the dog to the best home possible.  Its not easy to get a real picture of what the dog is like by what the owners surrendering the dog say because there are times when the previous owner just needs the dog out of their house ASAP and it can be like pulling teeth to get details or info from them..sometimes because they truly don’t even know their own dog.  We also many times get dogs from shelters or animal control that may have been strays and with these dogs we usually have very little info on their history so the foster home is where we can learn what they are really like....a month is usually enough time for the dog to settle in and really become "themselves". 


The foster period is always an estimate because we are working to find the best match for the dog with a forever home and not on a first come first serve basis.  It also depends on the dog ... we can usually estimate prior to placing the dog with you how long we think the foster period should be. 

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