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We do often have foster homes fall in love with and decide they want to adopt the dog they are fostering.  Foster homes must go through the same adoption process as any other potential adopter. If we have already begun discussing adoption with another family than you will no longer be able to adopt that foster.

You must remember we have applicants who have gone through the interview process and waited sometimes for several months for a dog and it wouldn't be fair if another party said they wanted to foster only to tell us a few days later that they want to keep the dog.  It kinda undermines the application process, so please be sensitive to our concerns in this area.

Also if someone is fostering with the idea of adopting it is important that they are committed to each dog and even if they decide the dog is not one they want to adopt they should be willing to complete the foster period.  We do not like to bounce our dogs around so whenever possible we would like any dog placed in a foster home to complete the foster time in the same home and not be moved around until a forever family is found.

Last updated on December 20, 2010 by KellyAnn