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All veterinary care is provided but must have prior approval of the Weim Rescue Board.  All dogs prior to being placed in foster homes will be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations-the only times this will not be the case is if a dog is in such bad shape health wise that it is unsafe to do so (we sometimes get malnourished dogs in that were found stray and we have to hold off on spay/neutering these dogs until they get some weight on them).  The way the vet care works is if you need to take the dog to the vet you let us know when and we can call in our credit card information to pay for the bill or you can choose to pay for it up front and fill our one of our reimbursement forms and a check will be issued to you within 30 days.

If you are going out of town we just ask that you let us know in advance and we can work out a short term foster home arrangement while you are gone or if necessary boarding for the dog (which we will pay for), however, boarding a dog is usually a last resort. 

The only thing we really do not pay for is food and treats but we do quite often get large donations from different companies and the first people we offer those donations to are our foster homes and volunteers.  If the dog is required a special diet of some sort or supplements that can be pricey the rescue will typically cover those costs or use donations when available.

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