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This is a breed that you will either love or hate.  Spend as much time around a Weimaraner as you can before you decide to adopt one. Here are some questions that can help you decide:
Are you a couch potato?
Do you live in an apartment or small home?
Do you often say no, but don’t really mean it?
Do you find it difficult to correct a dog for  unacceptable or problematic behavior?
Do you want a dog that sits quietly and waits for you to notice it?
Do you lead a busy life that might restrict you from committing to providing daily exercise?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, a Weimaraner may not be the dog for you. If you cannot say no and mean it or set boundaries for acceptable behavior a Weim will take over, running your home and life. A Weim without leadership or exercise will quickly become a problem to live with and neither of you will be happy.

If you answered no to most of the questions above and can answer yes to most of the questions below, a Weimaraner may be a good choice for you. For further help deciding, take the quiz.

Do you like moderate exercise such as walking, jogging or running?
Do you have a fenced yard where you can let a large dog run safely?
Can you commit to an intelligent, stimulating companion that requires constant attention, exercise, training and strong leadership?
Are you willing and able to make a financial commitment to ensure your dog’s long, healthy life?

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