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Hurrikane was so, so sweet, amazing and immediately loved by all she came in contact with.  Even though her first 10 or 11 years were less than good, when I brought her into my home she just wanted to please and be loved.  That's exactly what she did.  At 11 years old and deaf, she learned how to sit and shake before she got her treats.  She was the best friend that I, and my other dog Zoe, could ask for.  She loved to snuggle and became a part of the family immediately.  When she was being spayed they found a small malignant tumor that was removed.  She was fine until 9 months later when I found another tumor and this time she had a mastectomy which turned out to be malignant as well.  She was doing fine for the next three months until she developed a cough, at which time chest x-rays showed advanced lung cancer.   I was devastated and immediately burst into tears.  When Hurrikane saw me crying she got a look on her face as if I was upset with her when actually I was upset for her.  I knew I had to be strong for her sake.  She was slowly giving up dog food and had me cooking for her.  She was so spoiled.  She put up a good fight - still got that tail wagging the second she woke up, when she saw her leash, when she knew we were going for a car ride or a short, slow walk.  She still loved to snuggle.  Unfortunately, less than 2 weeks later it became to difficult for her to lie on her side or to breathe and she stopped eating.  The day I took her for her last ride Zoe must have known, because the 3 of us always went everywhere together, because she didn't want to come with us.  Hurrikane and I stopped at the fence before we got into the car and she and Zoe rubbed noses and kissed between the fence as if to say good-bye.  When I spread her comforter on the floor at the vet's office, the same one I had gotten for her just 14 months before that, she didn't want to lie down on it.  She looked at me with such tired eyes, I hugged her, told her she was so good and that it was going to be okay.  She sat down on her comforter and less than a minute later she slowly collapsed into my arms and at that point I knew my friend, my beloved Hurrikane that just wanted please and be loved, was gone.  I sobbed and sobbed and would have done anything to bring her back.  If only we would have had more time together - but I guess it's never long enough.  Someone once told me the goal of a foster dog is to give them the best home for their remainder of their time here.  Hurrikane, I miss you and love you and would do anything to bring you back.  Hope you are up there with my other Weims having a good time in good health.  Love Mommy and Zoe 

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