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Blue was our heart dog. He found us at a time when we, too, needed rescuing! We never could have imagined the world he opened up for us. We met people we would have never met... new friends, trainers, all the people in our new neighborhood (we even called him the Mayor of McKenzie Ave!), rescue people, other Weim enthusiasts... We fell in love with the breed after falling in love with him and soon adopted June, too!  We have gone places we never would have; meeting other Weimaraner people has taken us all over to events and gatherings...Chris also found his true calling because of all the training he did with Blue.

Blue graced the pages of Us magazine with his now-famous "gimme 5" pose. That same photo is what sparked our involvement with TSWR! (The newly formed group had tiered donation gifts and gave out mousepads with him on them.)

He was a wise old soul with warm kind eyes that looked like they held the secrets of the world.
In his time with us, he was loved and loved right back beyond belief.
Blue will be missed immeasurably...
Chris & KellyAnn and June Kwiatek

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