Our Rainbow Bridge page is open to anyone who would like to create a journal regarding the loss of their pet.  Please feel free to include pictures and stories.  We have also included donations that have been made in memory of individuals or dogs.



A donation was made by Rebecca Ringham

In Memory of Maisy Zaltman



A donation was made to TSWR by John Cunha...

In Memory of Gannon Christoper



Nena was 12 years young when we picked her up on February 13, 2011.  Immediately we noticed how affectionate she was and just all around wonderful.  We had just in December lost our 1st Weim, Jade, to old age and heart failure and thought it was time to help out another Weim that needed a home.  I sent my husband the email we received to see if any of the dogs on it looked like a good fit for us.  Nena was the one.  She was dropped off at a shelter because she was having accidents in her house and she was getting older.  Once we got her home, checked by our vet, and put on a regular schedule she was a delight! She fit right in.  She spent her first few days in the office with me.  She would greet every person who came in at the door to make sure she got her allotted petting in.  She would just walk up to you and lay her head in your lap so you could pet her.  She was a gentle soul.   Even when she was bad she was good.. You would think that a 12 year old who barely looked like she could stand very long certainly couldn't run. Well that was what I thought until the one day i came home during my lunch break to grab something from the house.  I came in through the garage and thought I pushed the door closed all the way (i apparently did NOT).  When I came back into the room I only saw 3 out of 4 dogs that were supposed to be there. As well as feeling a cool breeze.  Panicking I ran out side and looked around my yard for Nena.  I was calling her name and looking in the back and side yards for her.  I came back to the front to start doing a neighborhood search for her.  I then notice this streak of gray RUNNING down the street! You could have knocked me over with a feather! I have never seen anything like that. It is a memory I will always treasure.  She just knew how to surprise you!
On March 15, 2011 I got an email from Julie saying they had found Nena a potential forever home and wanted to schedule a time for the potential adopters to meet her.  With a heavy heart (that was also a happy heart) I called my husband to let him know that we needed to prepare ourselves to let her go.  We were working on making tentative arrangements for the meetings because she was scheduled for surgery on the 18th to remove some growths and have her teeth cleaned.  That evening nothing seemed unusual at first. Everyone had their dinners and we were all getting ready for our normal night time routines.  Nena started to pace, she couldn't find a comfortable spot.  Eventually she started to gag, and vomit but nothing would come up.  That's when we realized there was a problem.  By the time we got her to the emergency vet center, she had already bloated to where she would have needed drastic surgery, which they couldn't guarantee she would make it through.  She was humanely euthanized just after midnight on March 16, 2011.  As much as it hurts to lose her so suddenly and to bloat.  We are comforted in the knowledge that she spent her time with us in a very loving and comfortable environment.  We loved her from the moment we laid eyes on her and she definitely got to enjoy being the Queen of a castle.  Even if it was only briefly.  We will miss her every day and are grateful to Tri State Weimaraner Rescue for entrusting us with her care and allowing us to in the end be her forever home.
Lots of Love and Kisses to you Nena!
Your humans,
Monica, Rob, & Victoria .....
Your puppy friends
Suede, Slate & Joy



Blue was our heart dog. He found us at a time when we, too, needed rescuing! We never could have imagined the world he opened up for us. We met people we would have never met... new friends, trainers, all the people in our new neighborhood (we even called him the Mayor of McKenzie Ave!), rescue people, other Weim enthusiasts... We fell in love with the breed after falling in love with him and soon adopted June, too!  We have gone places we never would have; meeting other Weimaraner people has taken us all over to events and gatherings...Chris also found his true calling because of all the training he did with Blue.

Blue graced the pages of Us magazine with his now-famous "gimme 5" pose. That same photo is what sparked our involvement with TSWR! (The newly formed group had tiered donation gifts and gave out mousepads with him on them.)

He was a wise old soul with warm kind eyes that looked like they held the secrets of the world.
In his time with us, he was loved and loved right back beyond belief.
Blue will be missed immeasurably...
Chris & KellyAnn and June Kwiatek



December 30, 2010

This morning we lost Jade to heart failure. Three years ago, we started to foster this old lady. We fell in love with her the minute we saw her, adopted her within months and she changed our lives forever. You may think that fostering/adopting a 10 year old dog is useless. We found that Jade was a 10 year old puppy. She was so full of life and spunky in a couch potato kind of way. Before Jade, dogs were NOT allowed on the furniture in my house (not my rule, my husbands), about 2 months after Jade came to us, she not only made herself at home on our family room furniture, she also had her very own chair in the family room, so that she could be comfortable (humans are not allowed to sit in it). Before Jade, dogs were NOT allowed to sleep in the bedrooms at night; they had to sleep on their dog bed in the family room. Since Jade, dogs can sleep where ever they please. Her elderly counter surfing made me laugh. It was amazing to me that a dog with a seriously arthritic hind end could jump up to steel food off the counters. Every time we looked at her, we thought, how anyone could have given her up, let alone drop her off at the SPCA. We promised her the day she walked into our lives that we would try to make the rest of her life as puppy perfect as we could. I hope that we succeeded and that she was happy. I can tell you that we loved her with all of our hearts. It's amazing how much you can fall in love in 3 short years. She brought out the best in us and made us better people. We are heartbroken to say the least; it's so hard to imagine our lives without her there.

Treasuring every moment we were lucky enough to have,

Monica, Rob & Victoria Negron